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Improve your Health Care Cost trends for Heart Disease, Diabetes and other major medical costs?

Every Employer is at significant risk when their employees (and family members) experience Heart Disease, Diabetes and many other major medical conditions!

All of which are primarily due to poor (and avoidable) life style decisions

Reverse Heart Disease

More than 99% of heart disease can be eliminated through diet and lifestyle changes.

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Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

For most diabetics, progression can be reversed through a change in diet and lifestyle.

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Sustainable Weight Loss

Keep the weight off for good without calorie counting, limiting portions or starving yourself.

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The Risk to employers is significant in more than just unmanaged increases in Health Care Premiums.

  • Your employees (and Board of Directors) are valuable resources where  you have a significant investment.

  • Many employees are key to current and long-term corporate performance and financial success.

  • The short term or permanent loss of even one of them can be difficult and expensive from which to recover.

    • Senior Executives

    • Key Managers or Long term staff

John Tanner

TannerCare offers the following services to help you protect these assets.

A. Executive Wellness programs with Education and Medical Issues Management

B. Strategies for TannerCare Integration into your corporate wellness programs

C. Installment and management of On-site Programs

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