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90-Day Nutrition Reboot

Change your lifestyle with the help of tasty, prepared plant-based meals. 

We Can Help

Once you know which foods cause disease and which cure it, you still need a way to prepare the wonderful, healthy dishes. TannerCare makes it easy by providing three tasty and healthy meals daily in a nutritionally-balanced approach that pleases your taste buds, fills your stomach and leaves blood vessels intact, reversing disease.

Meals are prepared according to the guidelines of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who in his recent study using a similar nutrition therapy for CVD patients, showed 89% adherence to the diet, with a 99% reduction in the recurrent event rate for adherent participants over that for non-adherent participants. Two or three times per week food is delivered to your home or picked up at the center. The packaged meals can be frozen or refrigerated and they are easy to heat via oven or microwave. More than 40 meal options are available, and individual preferences for salad greens, dressings, spice levels and other requirements are honored.

citrus salad

The Program

In addition to providing delicious, plant-based meals, the goal is to move your blood pressure, lipid panel, blood sugar, A1C levels, and weight within a healthy range, and decrease medication levels under medical supervision.

90-Day Nutrition Reboot

3 months

3 meals a day

$1,000 per month

Sample Menu





Southwestern Salad


Split Pea Soup 

Southwestern Salad 

Rye Bread toasted with Cinnamon

A Variety of Menu Options are Available

  • 8 Soup Options

  • 8 Salad Options

  • About 40 Entree options

  • Choose your preferred dressings and spices

  • Dietary requirements are honored

tagine and couscous


Portobello Mushroom Steak with Lemon Garlic Asparagus -or- North African Chickpea Tagine with Apricot Couscous 

Quinoa Kale Salad (or choose your favorite)

Citrus Mint Fruit Bowl for dessert

fruit cup



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