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eliminate heart disease,
reverse diabetes,
lose weight and
transform your life?

By making simple and lasting lifestyle changes, you can achieve optimum health. Our programs will show you how.

Reverse Heart Disease

More than 99% of heart disease can be eliminated through diet and lifestyle changes.

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Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

For most diabetics, progression can be reversed through a change in diet and lifestyle.

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Sustainable Weight Loss

Keep the weight off for good without calorie counting, limiting portions or starving yourself.

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Don't just manage your chronic disease with ever larger doses of medications. You don't have to live with heart disease or diabetes.

  • Lower your cholesterol without statins.

  • Lower your blood pressure without medications.

  • Reduce your blood sugar levels and HbA1C.

  • Enjoy more energy.

  • Experience less chronic pain.

  • Lose weight for good.

  • Reduce or eliminate your medications.

  • Regain your health.

               Love your life and live longer!

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Why Tanner Care?

Seventeen people were involved in saving my life the day my heart stopped. Since then, I’ve been ‘giving back’ by sharing research and nutrition education. I’m an advocate for the whole food, plant-based approach that has reversed my own heart disease and prediabetic conditions.

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