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40-Day Wellness Transformation

One-on-one coaching to help you transition to healthy eating.

We Can Help

The 40-Day Wellness Transformation Program can help you succeed in shifting to a healthy lifestyle. You’ll work with experienced clinical professionals and coaches to understand why you need to make a lifestyle change and how to do it. They’ll offer practical tips, guidance, and feedback along your journey.


Conventional wisdom about the human diet has been surpassed by the best science on what foods our bodies are actually designed to eat. While the Standard American Diet (SAD) has turned us into one of the most overweight, diabetic and sickly populations in history, the good news is that the human body can recover. If your mind is open to change and you are willing to shift your diet to follow the scientific evidence, you are likely to see significant health improvements. 


The challenge for many is adopting a diet that is different from the one they are used to. Our Wellness Transformation Program is designed to help you find simple systems, meaningful support, and sustainable routines to make the change enjoyable and lasting.

grocery bag
pea soup

The Program

7 Sessions of one-on-one coaching with an experienced Health Coach and a Registered Dietitian.

Session 1

Introduction to Whole Food, Plant Based, Low Fat Eating. Intake form submitted. Review of videos. 

Health Coach, Week 1

Session 2

Evaluation of the Challenges for You

Dietician, Week 1

Session 3

How to Shop for Groceries, Cook and Go Out to Eat

Health Coach, Week 2

Session 4

Check-In and Support 

Dietician, Week 2

Session 5

Check-In and Support 

Dietician, Week 3

Session 6

Check-In and Support 

Dietician, Week 4

Session 7

Next Steps 

Health Coach, Week 6

Monthly conference call participation and one-on-one follow-up is available at an additional cost.

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