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Unlocking the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition

Sustainable Weight Loss

John A McDougall, MD., the author of The Starch Solution (and 11 other books), has shown that a diet centered around starch (complex carbohydrates) is the healthiest diet for humans. He quotes Dartmouth anthropologist Dr Nathaniel Dominy, "A majority of calories for most hunter-gatherer came from plant foods, not animal foods, thus humans might more appropriately be described as 'starchivores.'" Low carb diets can produce short term weight loss but with real long term side effects and medical complications, including increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Our approach focuses on a lifestyle change, understanding not simply what to eat and why that is healthy, but also how to make different choices regarding food's role in our lives. Much of the program focuses on helping build systems and habits that support a new way of living, eating, dealing with stress and enjoying supportive relationships with our loved ones and friends.

The Program
Lifestyle Change:   8 weeks, 2x/week, 2.5 hours/session            16 sessions
Maintenance:         10 months, 1x/month, 2.5 hours/session       10 sessions
The goal is to move toward a healthy BMI through consistent and healthy lifestyle choices, without calorie counting or portion control. When you like what is healthy, you can eat what you like and continue to lose weight.
While you will feast on a tasty and filling whole food, plant-based, low fat buffet meal, you will learn about how the food you are enjoying is changing your metabolism and improving your health. You will learn how to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle through supportive systems and the removal of obstacles and pitfalls.
Yoga and Exercise
You will hear from a physical therapist about exercises and simple habits you can build into your daily routine, and a licensed yoga instructor will equip you to use breathing exercises, movement and quiet to deal with the stress of your life in healthy ways, further nurturing a move away from unhealthy patterns.
Small Group Support
Every week you will be led into discussions with a small group of people who are sharing the experience with you. The therapist who will lead your sessions will help you celebrate what is working and explore where the difficulties lie, and give you a chance to learn from and support one another.
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