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Diabetes Prevention& Reversal

Diabetes (type II) can be reversed by food

Neal Barnard, MD., author of Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes, and the president of the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, has shown that the reduced insulin-sensitivity of diabetic and pre-diabetic patients can be reversed through a low-fat, plant-based diet. Dr. Barnard’s approach was shown to be three times more effective at reducing A1C as the standard American Diabetes Association recommended diet. Using this approach to diet, Dr. Neal Bernard saw a group of diabetes patients, in 90 days, lose an average of 16 pounds and fasting blood sugar levels dropped 28%. Most of the study participants eliminated or greatly reduced their medications.

Our program is not about eating less and going hungry, but about eating well and being satisfied with healthy plant-based meals and snacks, and building systems into life to support a healthy lifestyle for years and decades to come.

Tanner Care's Diabetes Prevention and Reversal Program has been accepted as a part of the Centers For Disease Control Diabetes Prevention Program nationwide.

The Program
Lifestyle Change:   16 weeks, 1x/week, 2.5 hours/session            16 sessions
Maintenance:         8 months, 1x/month, 2.5 hours/session            8 sessions
The goal is to move toward a consistent and healthy BMI and blood sugar level through consistent and healthy lifestyle choices, with reductions or eliminations in insulin or other medications under your doctor's supervision.
While you will feast on a tasty and filling whole food, plant-based, low fat buffet meal, you will learn about how the food you are enjoying is healing your blood chemistry. You will learn how to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle through supportive systems and the removal of obstacles and pitfalls.
Yoga and Exercise
You will hear from a physical therapist about exercises and simple habits you can build into your daily routine, and a licensed yoga instructor will equip you to use breathing exercises, movement and quiet to deal with the stress of your life in healthy ways, further nurturing a move away from unhealthy patterns.
Small Group Support
Every week you will be led into discussions with a small group of people who are sharing the experience with you. The therapist who will lead your sessions will help you celebrate what is working and explore where the difficulties lie, and give you a chance to learn from and support one another.
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