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Why Tanner Care?

17 people were involved in saving John Tanner's life the day his heart stopped. Since then he's been returning the favor through his efforts at nutrition education and the plant-based approach that reversed his heart disease and prediabetic conditions.

The seeds of Tanner Care were sown in response to an all-too-common crisis with an unlikely outcome. In October, 2009, John Tanner, PhD, was taking his daily run around his neighborhood when his heart went into full cardiac arrest. About half of all heart attacks are of this type and for cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, the survival rate is about 3%. John Tanner beat the odds, and with the help and involvement of 17 people, from the neighbors who saw him go down to the paramedics to the ER staff and the cardiac specialists, his life was saved.

Soon Dr. Tanner returned to his job as CEO of a small software and research firm, but with a growing interest to understand what happened and how could it be avoided in the future. Eventually, Dr. Tanner founded a non-profit, NuSci Nutrition Science Foundation, and began speaking and teaching about the connection between nutrition and health, based on the information he had learned and motivated by his own story. Thousands have benefited from his speaking and the gifts of thousands of books that NuSci has given out over the last four years.

So Tanner Care has been founded to take the message of nutrition and wellness to the next level, and to provide tools of coaching, small group support, and meal plans to help people make choices that will help them prevent and even reverse chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and many cancers and other diseases.


Visit Tanner Care at 825 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016.

John Tanner, PhD

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